Lifestyle findings of December

A few cool lifehacks that I’ve discovered (or rediscovered) this December.


I like creative hobbies. I used to draw, write novels and do a whole fuckton of other stuff like that. But right now I have what I call a sedentary lifestyle (not counting traditional almost-every-day 5k runs, haha). And I was missing exercise, but didn’t want more ROUTINE in my life, because there’s already … loads of that.

And I figured I could do just this: dance! Every day, right after waking up and washing my face and doing a few warmup exercises, I dance for 20-30 minutes.

And I focus my mind on the pure fun and joy and pleasure of it. I feel the fire running up my spine. Sometimes it’s harder to focus, sometimes easier. From this I also understand, what kind of day it’s going to be: did I get enough sleep, am I in a good mood or it will be extremely hard to focus and I’m gonna apply some extra effort to it, etc.

I never thought I’d get so much fun from dancing. On just 4 sq. meters, alone, in my room at home, to the music in my headphones. Bonus: this kind of fun doesn’t impact the ENVIRONMENT! Haha.

Also I’ve found the videos of Jade Chynoweth on Youtube and was amazed, because it’s the kind of style I like: slightly crazy, powerful, flying. You don’t have to hide who you are, you can express it as wildly as you want. Nowhere near sitting and drawing quietly. 🙂

I even made an experiment once: one esp. quiet Saturday, when nobody needed me, I decided to dance for just how much I wanted. Result? 4 hours with a couple of ~30 min breaks. And that was amazing. You invent new moves, you expand your limits, here and now, in strict real-time, you don’t need anything, just the floor and the music in your headphones and that wild fire dancing inside you, so that you become the fire (and it’s a miracle you don’t burn the surroundings).


Going plant-based

Stop laughing, please. 🙂 I’m talking serious things here.

No, it’s not because I’ve found a movie about hard life of the cows on the milk farms, etc.

I’ve talked to Kostya R. one day and he’s mentioned, that he’s 12 years into this and counting. So I’ve asked him a few questions and thought “would be a cool thing to try someday“.

And then boom. December! My December lifestyle allowed controlled experiments, so I figured I’d try this one. I loose nothing, but I could find something…

But I was wrong. I lost something.

Weight. A lot of it. Very quickly.

On top of that I lost mood swings and evening lack of energy.

And this was the kind of change you don’t have to apply willpower to make. It just happens — and you never look back. It happens – and you’re happier than before, and you think “I should’ve done that earlier”.

I found something great: a way to keep my results, when I lose this goddamn weight again. 🙂 While having the kind of lifestyle I want, i.e. expeditions, etc. Without any shitty Excel spreadsheets and other stuff unsustainable over long run.

So now I have everything to reproduce success of the previous spring, but also everything to keep it! Ideally for as long as I live. And I really want it. Not even want. I badly need it. And one of the reasons is…

Wearing dresses


Yes. After this summer a lot of things changed at once. One of these was that I now give a fuck about girlish stuff (like never before, actually). Because

  1. Looks like it’s fun
  2. My friends really deserve that dose of serotonin from being proud of me
  3. My future boyfriend deserves that like nobody else, haha
  4. There’s never too many those shitty transformation stories, hahahaha!

So I learn this stuff now. As part of that I now wear dresses literally everywhere, when I don’t do/plan to do exercise, run, etc.

And boy do they look bad on you when you’re overweight! You can easily hide your excess weight in the usual jeans + t-shirt (and esp. a hoodie!). But with dresses it’s a whole other story. Wise woman once said, “the best diet is to eat naked in front of a mirror”. In a dress you’re almost naked. It’s an extremely good source of motivation. And you can get a good dress for as much as 500 rubles, as I figured again yesterday. 🙂 And a really good dress is way better, than jeans, you literally don’t want to put it off (well, if only in a good company…).

Rest of the owl

I don’t talk about my ‘work’ or ‘learning’ findings here, because NDA and I’m not sure if the stuff I learn now is even legal in this country, but feel free to ask about it, if you’re interested. There’s a ton of things happening now, so …

So I really

wonder, what’s next 😉