Dear diary


Yesterday I've discovered Machinarium game. Had lots of fun solving the puzzles. Pure flow state for ~4 hours. Highly recommended (for persons with iron will and lot of free time).


I started digging quite deeply into question of testing ETL processes and data integrity.

This field is very interesting and promising and is really close to my current area of responsibility. Lot of cool problems to solve!


Let's say you support 3 projects and get negative feedback about all 3 in one day. What would you feel at the end of the day? (For me it was 2 out of 3. Kinda.)


In Soviet Russia the complexity handles YOU!

I'm happy to see my courage levels rise (in terms of programming). A long time ago I was thinking like "okay, this function will take me a day of work => let's go get some tea". Now it's more like "okay, let's rewrite this module right now, and I don't care".


Dear diary, I kind of decided to start blogging.

This happened, because today I've habitually checked some blogs I enjoy reading in the evening and suddenly thought "hell, why don't I contribute to this? At least it will be an interesting read for myself as a few years pass".

Some ugly secrets. I like pure html, I like noscript, I write this post right now in vim on my DO droplet. Because to spend the next hour setting up a blog, choosing the theme and so on is not nice. I'd rather write a console client (probably I will, just for pure fun).

Wise man said, "don't wait, there will be no better moment, just go for it". I'm starting to make this my life philosophy. And my life changes from that, I'm slowly but steadily returning to the path I consider correct for me.

I start understanding, that fear was ruling my life for quite a long time, and now I'm getting free. Wow! I'm still more of a wannabe-developer, than an actual developer, but I start feeling the taste of freedom development gives. Lot of interesting tasks, challenging riddles, awesome extremely intelligent people around with a good sense of humour. Bloody hell! I was dreaming about this.

Disclaimer: this was written after a trip to Shuttleworth museum, while listening to Riverside -- In Two Minds, sitting at Radisson Grafton. And tomorrow my plane to Moscow, departs at 10am... So I'm kind of overloaded with emotions right now.

Note: not a single drop of alcohol in my blood now, I'm just a well known nonsense writer.